Attaining Energy, Water and Food Security for All

14th Delhi Sustainable Development Summit

6-8 February, 2014 | Taj Palace, New Delhi, India

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About DSDS
The Delhi Sustainable Development Summit is an international platform for exchange of knowledge on all aspects of sustainable development. Over the past thirteen years, it has emerged as one of the leading fora on issues of global sustainability.
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Theme and Sub-themes
DSDS 2014 was convened on the theme Attaining Energy, Water and Food Security for All. Sub-themes will explore specific aspects of this theme.
Theme and Sub-themes
Sustainable Development Leadership Award
The Award felicitates global leaders for their contributions to the field of sustainable development. Presented at DSDS, it is TERI’s tribute to eminent individuals engaged in encouraging global initiatives that can lead the world towards a sustainable future.
Sustainable Development Leadership Award Sustainable Development Leadership Award
The Innovations for a Secure Future Exhibition showcased innovations and technologies from across the world that can bring us closer to the goal of Attaining Energy, Water and Food Security for All.
DSDS 2013
Themed The Global Challenge of Resource Efficient-Growth and Development, the Summit aimed to further the resolutions of the Rio+20 Conference delineated in the document entitled – ‘The Future We Want'.
Past Speakers
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Watch videos of the numerous eminent speakers from various fields deliberate on issues of sustainable development at past editions of DSDS.
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  • "Using sustainable development
    to eradicate poverty is the way
    to go."

    Ms Amina J Mohammed
  • "Sustainable development requires doubling the rate of energy efficiency and the share
    of renewables in energy sector."

    Dr Kandeh K Yumkella
  • "Articulation of a problem is
    vital; people connect with water
    issues, but glaze over the
    melting of a glacier."

    Ms Naina Lal Kidwai
  • "We can't think of water as a onetime commodity; it has to
    be seen as a whole, as a
    water cycle."

    Dr Bindu N Lohani

DSDS 2014: Glimpses

Special Luncheon Session
Inaugural Session
Corporate Action Towards Energy, Water and Food Security: Challenges and Prospects
Changing Paradigms of Creating Social Value for Businesses
Concluding Session
Release of TERI- YES BANK Publications
Special Event: Forest Based Carbon Financing
Inaugural Session
The 10th Sustainable Development Leadership Award being presented to Mr Anand Mahindra (Mahindra Group) for his contribution to education in the form of CSR.
Leadership Panel: The Demographic Challenge
Keynote Addresses: The Role of Water Management in Addressing The Water–Food–Energy Nexus
Keynote Addresses: Sustainable Transformation of Human Society
Ministerial Session 1: Ensuring and Expanding Access to Energy, Water and Food
Book Launch
Re–Thinking Development
How Can Businesses Help Attain Energy, Water, and Food Security?
The Role of MDBS in Attaining Energy, Water, and Food Security
ADB Perspectives – Thinking Differently About Water, Food , and Energy
Reception Hosted by The Asian Development Bank (ADB), Followed by Dionner
Dealing with The Energy, Water, and Food Security Challenge in Asia
The Energy, Water, Food Triangle
TERI and The Royal Norwegian Embassy Initiatives on Climate Change
How to Steer The Indian Innovation System Towards Sustainabillity?
Special Interactive Session: How Can Legislators Help Tackle Climate Change?
Promoting Energy Efficiency In Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
Food, Water, Energy Nexus: Approaches to Securing Nutrition for Vulnerable Populations
Role of Renewable Energy in Enhancing Energy Security in Developing Countries
Mr Jack Andraka, Inventor
Tackling The Energy, Water, and Food Security Challenge in Africa
Communicating for Sustainability
Extreme Risks, Vulnerabilities, and Community–Based Adaptation in India (EVA): A Pilot Study

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